The luxurious El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa, located in Taos, N.M., is a place as unique as the philosophy that guides it. Renowned for its commitments to ecological preservation and sustainability, the lush sanctuary of El Monte Sagrado is where you can nurture your mind, body and soul, naturally.

Parts of the resort are geo-thermally heated and cooled, and nearly all water on the property is recycled by the Living Machine®, an ecologically engineered system for collecting, treating and recycling water with minimal impact on the land.  The property is enhanced by a Biolarium®, an inviting architectural space that not only showcases the water-purification system but is used to grow plants, fruits and herbs used in landscape design throughout the resort.

Dharma Properties


Species: Ipé
Date: 2004
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FSC-Certified Tropical Hardwoods from Well-Managed Forests. Certificate number SCSC-COC-00041
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